Established in 1981, Gomac.ie (formerly Gomac Signs) was set up as a small family business. We started out using a manual pantograph engraving machine to produce ID tags for electrical control panels and for general electrical installations. Since those early years, our business has grown exponentially, but we have never lost sight of the fact that our mission is to provide a product that is best suited to transmit our customer’s message.

We are keenly aware that signage and display products are evolving all the time and for that reason we see it as our responsibility to be fully conversant with the latest developments. This makes us ideally qualified to be able to advise customers about what we see as the most efficient and cost-effective means of fulfilling their visual communication requirements.

Today, almost 40 years later, I am pleased to be able to continue to head up a very progressive team and am personally available to discuss signage and display projects with our customers. Through the years we have forged many valuable alliances with manufacturers and suppliers and as a result, with their premium products and our years of experience we are uniquely qualified to be able to guide customers to get the best return on their investment in visual communications.

If you have a requirement for signage or displays, then rest assured that we would be happy to discuss it with you. We have tried to make this website as comprehensive as possible but if there is something that you require and is not shown then please do call us.

Bobby Macken (Founder of Gomac.ie)

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