Are you planning on exhibiting soon?

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Are you planning on exhibiting soon?

Shows and exhibitions take an extensive amount of planning to ensure your product is displayed and portrayed in the best way possible. It is not just a case of figuring out last minute what you wish to achieve from such a promotion, but more of a case of planning in such a manner that the entire process runs as smoothly as possible. By utilizing the space allocated, you can be sure that by choosing for your exhibiting needs, we can help and guide you along this process and aid in the development of your branding opportunities.

9 – 12 months prior to show

It all starts when booking a space in a show to which you will be tasked with information sharing, product launching, commercial exhibiting, representing or whatever the case may be. From the offset, you will need to know what size will be suitable for your companies needs, taking into account budgets available for stand space, counters, banners, printing, handouts, furniture, media etc. Make sure you take into consideration the health and safety aspects of the show itself and know the limitations of what your stand can display. Now it’s time to devise a marketing plan for sending out in newsletters, emails and website, and let your customers know where you will be displaying, what will be on display, and maybe what you might be able to offer customers at the show.

6 – 9 months prior to show

Determine the budget for your display stand and all the items you will need for said display. Will you be carrying out a self build or will you hire installers to professionally look after your stand? We in can cater for either. With our team of design experts, your ideas can be turned into reality with our computer based design systems and professional installers. Not only will the stand be perfect for your allocated space, our products will enable the stand to be taken down and re-used at a different stage. We can also add items on for future builds, or if you feel you may want to enhance your stand by adding media, extra counters, book shelves etc, we can cater to these needs also.

Determine the literature you will be presenting also at this stage and start designing with the show in mind (show specials, giveaways and specific information). Do you need somewhere to store this literature at the show? Is there a requirement for a secure lockable room on your stand? Do you need a meeting room area on your stand? Who will be visiting your stand or who are you aiming at?

3 – 6 months prior to show

Now you need to think about ordering your promotional items and giveaway prizes. Promotional items could be in the form of keyrings, pens, badges, powerports, posters, all of course would be budget dependent. How many staff will you need to man the stand? Have you sales areas on your stand and someone to be in these areas at all times? Have you got a technician or demonstrator on your stand to show off your wonderful new design or product? Do you need added P.A. and a seating area? Will all exhibiting literature be there before or after installation?

Make sure that we know all the details of publications so that we can ensure your stand can cater for all information being delivered to consumers. Book your hotels and car rentals now if needed as things will be starting to get hectic! And don’t forget to build up your marketing strategy now so customers will get excited to come to the show and to see your stand.

1 – 3 months prior to show

Make sure that everything is in order as regards staffing, hotels, itinerary, marketing plan and branded clothing. Have your staff all had the required training? Will they be able to sell or promote your products to the best of their abilities? How about some light reading at bedtime on how to negotiate over the finish line? It is at this time also that you will hopefully be able to view your stand in all its glory built for viewing. Here any final changes will be corrected and finalised to be ready for 1 months time. Make sure your promotional items are ready to rock. The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you will have them for the show. Get them early to take away the worry of not having them for the day or weekend in question.

1 week prior to show

Double check, tripple check, quadruple check everything and tick off those final boxes on your spread sheet. View any changes on your stand to ensure they are correct as from here, the stand will be disassembled and taken to the venue and placed by our team (or yours). Staff should be trained and ready to go. If not, it’s time for last minute cramming!

Following the show

Hopefully, you have just had a very successful weekend of trading, promoting or selling your products! It’s now time to review what you have achieved, how everything worked as regards customer interaction, staff allocation to the stand and not forgetting the stand itself. Did you get the interest for the stand you had? Do you need to further the appeal of your stand by making additions for the future? Can you increase the KPI’s of your stand for future exhibitions? Was the show a success? There is a lot of information to be gathered following an exhibition and items that you can bring forth or leave out for future shows. We would love to hear your ideas for shows that you have been to and if you have any feedback, recommendations that you think should have been in this article, please send them to us or leave comments below.

So if you are thinking about attending a trade show in the near future, these are just some key points and timelines to remembers when planning for your stand. We would be delighted to work along side you to achieve your goal as regards marketing your product(s) at a show and ensuring that you are getting maximum exposure from your stand to the consumer or end user. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to drop us a mail at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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