Conference Backdrops

Create Stunning Conference backdrops and event displays

Modular Display Systems are designed to be used in a wide variety of environments and for a broad range of applications.  They can be adapted to present the finest conference backdrops for your business or event.

By their very nature Modular Display Systems eliminate the expensive transport costs, skilled labour and refurbishment costs associated with traditional timber built displays. Speed of build and versatility are hallmarks of these display systems which are suitable for any environment from small meeting rooms right through to large conference centres.

With these modular and re-configurable display systems, seamless backdrops can be created at varying heights up to   5 metres high.  These are ideal for use in conferences, award ceremonies, showrooms, retail displays, etc.

Screens and audio visual systems in addition to other decorative and functional accessories can be incorporated into the modular conference sets.

Bring awards evenings to life with vibrant ‘Red carpet’ backdrops and stunning large backlit displays in main convention centre.

Alternatively, present an effective corporate presence for  business meetings, seminars and product launches.

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