Exhibition Stands

Exhibition Stands

When it comes to setting up attractive and functional Exhibition stands, many people see it as an absolute minefield.           At Gomac.ie, we understand that in addition to the seasoned exhibitor there are many who may be new to trade stand set-ups and display systems. Our team of advisors and designers are available to assist in the design and commissioning of your exhibition stand.

Our exhibition stands are fabricated using modular components with the result that the design and layout of your stand is constricted only by your imagination. No matter whether you are exhibiting from a small 1.5 sq.m. shell or a large 150 sq.m area, we at Gomac.ie will be able to design and supply a stand to fulfill your needs. The unique USP of all of our stands is that not only are they are easy to set-up and take down, they can also be further developed and re-designed to suit different shapes and sizes of stands.

stannahstand  Isoframestnad  Fristam  Exhibition stand  spalweb

Small stand with screen       large with screen

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