Snap Frames

Snap Frames

Snap frames from are designed to enable complete installation and maintenance by the end user. The frames featured are widely used as notice boards and for Point of Sale displays. Their most common use is to display posters and other promotional and information notices to passers by and to potential customers.

Snap frames are available in a broad range of sizes and colours to suit all applications and budgets.  Sizes range from A5 to A0 and through to a maximum size of 1000mm x 1500mm

The frames themselves use an anodised  aluminium finish with a styrene back panel. Protection on the face is by a UV anti-glare PVC cover.  Coloured frames are sprayed to the required colour.

Snap frames are suitable for either indoor or outdoor applications. Outdoor frames are manufactured with an integrated  ‘water wick’ surrounding the poster to prevent it from getting damp.

For added security, Snap frames are available as tamper resistant or they can incorporate a locking mechanism to protect your notices or posters from unwanted interference


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