Pavement Signs

Pavement Signs

One of the most readily available and maneuverable ways of promoting your business is through free-standing pavement signs. The ease of placing these mobile advertising displays anywhere is the main attraction. With their weight and durability, these signs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They can be used to promote your business or event  or to announce promotions or special offers.

3.5 swinger                     11.1 Sentinel Large                                         11.2 Sentinel Medium

These signs are available in varying sizes and designs to suit your needs, be it an A-frame or a swinging display on a weighted base. A-frames are ideally suited for indoor use and are available as panel displays and replaceable poster displays. Alternatively, swinging display signs can be used either indoors or in windy outdoor settings.  These allow for a safer sign in breezy conditions and are also available as panel displays and replaceable poster displays.

50.1 A-Frame 50.3 A Frame Ecoflex 3

Whether promoting your business down the road, or advertising an offer you may be running, these interchangeable panels suit the needs of most. Replacement panels or poster inserts are readily available and can be fitted in a few seconds.

SD Swinger Panel Swinger 2000                   sA board clip frame

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