Panel Kits

Panel Kits

Baseline panel folding kits are lightweight display panels, assembled in multiples to generate a freestanding display wall.

The kits are assembled using multiples of 900 x 600mm panels or alternatively  1000 x 700mm panels. They are light and easy to transport, even with graphics in-situ.

All panels are finished in loop nylon fabric and are available in a choice of thirty colours.

  • Very popular hinged folding panel kits.
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Choice of panel kits:- Junior and senior tabletop kits,

Jumbo panels and wheeled panel screens.

6 panel folding kit 7 Panel folding kit large Panel Caster open large Fold kit lrg Folding kit large Gear Edge Panel Gear Edge lrg Gear Edge Panel Jun Kit Lrg

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