Post & Panel Signs

Post & Panel Signs

Post & Panel signs are the perfect medium for many signage applications. Their modular construction means that they can be produced in many different configurations. With their exceptional build quality, these displays are robust enough to withstand all weather types.

Large Golf Post panel   Post Panel Yellow   Large Post Panel

These displays can be mounted in a number of different ways including single or double post, portrait or landscape orientation and flag layout or wall mount. Sizes can vary from large site identification signs to smaller wayfinding and site location signs.

9 Hole Golf

These next post signs are unique in that they are pre-bulged and ready for easy attachment to a post. The beveled areas of the sign create an easy access point for the clip and prevents the sign from bending in the direction of the curvature of the pole. Finally, no attaching of bars to the signs are required now with this new system of placement.

Fire Assem Pole  Doggy Fowler

We are delighted here in with these products as they provide a clean and crisp look, whilst displaying valuable interchangeable information. The bar comes standard at 6m long max per single piece. There are 3 styles available, Gothic, Hooped or Lollipop as shown below. The panel then is secured then with nut inserts and bolts. The other available option here is with the hooped version. This can also have a welded plated added to the bottom to allow for projection or suspended purposes.

Hoop Post Panel      Hooped top      Lolli hoop

Posts also offer a number of different options. Signs can be mounted on round or square posts which in turn can be customised with special paint colours and decorative post caps.

Res Park

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