Texstyle Curved Fabric Display

Bring a dynamic edge to any meeting, presentation, press event or exhibition with the captivating curves of the TEXstyle Curved Fabric Display.

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Product Description

An impressive wide-format backdrop available in multiple widths, this banner’s clever design also makes it simple to assemble and easy to transport. The lightweight yet strong aluminium frame is fully labelled making it easy to put together using the simple spring locking pins, and it’s self supporting, without the need for a bulky base.

Once built, the fabric graphics can be slipped over the frame and zipped in place for a secure and perfectly tensioned display that shows off your message in an attention-grabbing way. Supplied in its own carry bag for easy transportation.

Uploading Artwork

  1. Simply visit www.wetransfer.com
  2. Upload your artwork - up to 2GB!
  3. Enter design@gomac.ie
  4. Type your email address
  5. In the message section please enter your order number supplied at checkout page or from your email confirmation .


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