Texstyle Swirl Fabric Display

Texstyle Swirl Fabric Display

The TEXStyle Swirl Fabric Banner Stand display offers a distinctive and unique appearance that’s totally different to traditional roller banners.

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Product Description

Take a look around the average exhibition hall and you are likely to find hundreds or even thousands of traditional roller banner stands on display. Although cheap and affordable, the success of the humble banner stand can ultimately mean that your stand is lost in a sea of other similar products.

The TEXStyle Swirl display stand utilises a simple push-fit, tubular aluminium framework that assembles in a few minutes, requiring no tools.

Graphics are printed onto a high-stretch fabric using a dye sublimation print process that allows for the most vibrant colour reproduction possible. The dye sublimation printed graphics can be folded up and stored in the same soft carry bag as the frame thus making them incredibly easy to transport. Graphics can even be machine washed should they become dirty or marked whilst in use!

When it’s time to update your display, simply purchase a new fabric cover and attach it to your existing TEXStyle Swirl frame. This means that this fabric based display is an environmentally-friendly alternative when compared to ‘throw-away’ roller banner stands.

Uploading Artwork

  1. Simply visit www.wetransfer.com
  2. Upload your artwork - up to 2GB!
  3. Enter design@gomac.ie
  4. Type your email address
  5. In the message section please enter your order number supplied at checkout page or from your email confirmation .


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