Calculation Services

With Zip-Clip’s free-of-charge drawing calculation service, Gomac can provide you with the tools needed to streamline your project planning. This service provides invaluable aid to Mechanical, Electrical and HVAC projects, as it allows for the precise calculation of materials needed, ultimately enhancing cost-efficiency and minimizing waste. Being able to accurately forecast the amount of resources necessary for a given project not only contributes to better budget management, but also aligns with the sustainability principles intrinsic to Zip-Clip Cable Suspension Systems.

By leveraging this service, project teams can ensure optimal resource allocation, a significant factor in the successful realisation of MEP projects. Moreover, by taking advantage of Zip-Clip’s free service, project teams can allocate their resources towards other aspects of the project, ultimately improving overall efficiency and productivity.

Zip-Clip wire suspension offers superior flexibility. It’s adjustable nature allows for precise positioning of electrical appliances, simplifying future modifications. Finally, it provides a clean and professional look that enhances the aesthetics of the installation, making it an ideal choice for projects where visual appeal is a priority.

By utilizing Zip-Clip’s free calculation service and taking advantage of their technical department’s expertise, project teams can ensure that their Mechanical, Electrical and HVAC projects run smoothly and efficiently. Contact us at to learn more about how we can assist you in realising your next MEP project.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the Zip-Clip free drawing calculation service. The team at are dedicated to providing you with the best possible solutions for your projects, ensuring safety, quality, and efficiency every step of the way. offers assistance in various aspects of your projects:

Point Load Calculations

If you need guidance on which Zip-Clip supports to utilise, can help to determine the point loads that each support will be subjected to.

Simply provide the details of your application and the nature of your overhead anchor point.


When integrating a catenary support system in your design, can provide deflection calculations to predict the bow in your system, as well as evaluate the reaction forces based on the services you wish to support on a catenary.

These outcomes will aid in determining base material suitability and influence the fabrication of necessary anchor points.


If you’re unsure which fixings you require to anchor your wire suspension
into a base material, can recommend the correct anchor selection.

For concrete and masonry, specialist anchor software is utilised to calculate how a fixing will perform under varying load conditions when installed into a specific base material. This ensures the safety and stability of your suspended services.

Enhanced Quality Control

With the Zip-Clip drawing calculation service, you can trust that your designs are thoroughly analyzed and verified by the Zip-Clip Technical
Team. This guarantees accuracy and precision in your project planning, reducing the risk of errors or failures on site.

Improved Communication:

By providing a unique project drawing number for reference, Zip-Clip’s calculation service facilitates effective communication between all parties involved in the project. This ensures a streamlined and efficient workflow,
leading to timely completion and successful implementation of your design.

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