Environmental Benefits


Wire rope suspension and bracing systems stand out as superior alternatives to traditional systems like threaded rod and chain, offering a multitude of advantages.

These advantages encompass:

  • Reduced CO2 production during manufacture
  • Reduced materials usage
  • Reduced waste
  • Reduced transportation burden


The utilisation of wire rope has a profound impact on decreasing not only materials usage and the weight of a suspension solution but also the volume of CO2 produced during manufacturing.

To illustrate, consider a typical retail store requiring approximately 1,200 suspension drops of 2 m.*

Using M8 threaded rod would result in a weight of 748.80 kg and produce 1,344 kg of CO2 to manufacture the required 2,400 meters.

In contrast, a Zip-Clip wire rope system would weigh only 37.86 kg and produce 96 kg of CO2 to manufacture the same length.

The savings are substantial:

  • Weight reduction: 710 kg
  • CO2 reduction: 1,248 kg

Therefore, opting for a Zip-Clip wire rope suspension system can achieve a remarkable 92.6% reduction in CO2 emissions, and this significant environmental benefit illustration doesn’t even account for transportation considerations! Choose efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and cost-effectiveness with Zip-Clip wire rope systems.

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