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HVAC & Mechanical

The nature of mechanical installations are big, from large 3D mechanical modules through to pre-fabricated pipe work trapeze brackets.

Load requirements on fixings are larger, point loads on supports are greater, therefore you need  heavy duty systems that will give guaranteed performance, and won’t compromise on strength

Gomac provides solutions to help overcome these issues which are dictated by the project.

Zip-Clip systems have been installed at the following

  • Amazon Warehouse
  • Lidl Distribution Centre
  • Jaguar Land Rover

Electrical & Lighting

Gomac excels in offering the services of Zip Clip Systems to meet the diverse needs of Electrical Engineers facing a spectrum of installations. Whether dealing with extensive runs of lightweight cable containment or heavy modular systems, each installation demands a customized solution to address specific challenges.

In the realm of electrical engineering, meticulous attention to detail, coupled with a focus on safety and security, is paramount to delivering a successful end product. Gomac’s Zip Clip Systems are designed to cater to these essential elements, ensuring that your electrical installations meet the highest standards.

Navigating differences in ceiling types, load requirements, and service connections is made more manageable with Zip-Clip’s comprehensive solutions. These systems are crafted to help Electrical Engineers overcome installation challenges with precision.

Signage & Acoustic Panels

Gomac presents an array of flexible, secure, and efficient solutions through its Zip-Clip Systems, specifically tailored for the suspension of various signage types.

The innovative RIZE system stands out as the most versatile approach to constructing a signage support system that precisely meets your requirements. This system allows you to choose your preferred fixing method and offers the flexibility to create a customized drop length. With the capacity to support weights ranging from 10kg to 500kg per suspension, the RIZE system ensures adaptability for diverse signage needs.

The convenience of using a zip-clip to attach the wire to your chosen anchor point enhances the overall ease of installation. Gomac’s range includes wire reels and separate locking devices, providing a variety of Safe Working Loads to accommodate different signage requirements.


Bracing & Vibration Isolation

Discover unparalleled solutions for bracing and vibration isolation with Gomac’s Atlas Range. Designed to meet the highest standards, the Atlas Range offers a comprehensive selection of products tailored to address the unique challenges of bracing and vibration isolation in various applications.

Whether you’re dealing with structural elements that require additional support or seeking to minimise vibrations in specific environments, the Atlas Range provides cutting-edge solutions. Each product within the range is crafted for flexibility, reliability, and efficiency, ensuring that your bracing and vibration isolation needs are met with precision.

Explore the diverse options within the Atlas Range, including innovative bracing solutions and vibration isolation products, all engineered to deliver optimal performance. Gomac’s commitment to quality and innovation shines through in every product, providing you with the confidence to tackle even the most demanding projects.

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