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Experience the adaptability of Zip-Clip wire rope systems, proudly supplied by Gomac, for various applications such as suspension, bracing, and more. Particularly favoured in the construction industry, these systems serve as an advanced alternative to conventional choices like threaded rod or chain.

As the dedicated supplier of Zip-Clip solutions, Gomac’s offerings excel in the suspension and bracing of diverse elements within the construction landscape, including:

  • Electrical containment trays, baskets, or ladders
  • Lighting installations
  • HVAC and mechanical services
  • Acoustic and radiant heating panels
  • Signage, screens, and partitions


With Gomac’s Zip-Clip wire rope suspension and bracing systems, your applications are bound only by your creativity. These systems redefine traditional approaches to suspension and bracing needs, presenting advantages that outshine rigid threaded rod or chain solutions.

If your default choice for suspension and bracing involves rigid threaded rod or chain, it’s time to reassess. Explore the innovation and flexibility that Gomac, as the trusted supplier of Zip-Clip wire rope systems, brings to the forefront. Elevate your projects with the assurance of quality and performance from Gomac.

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