On-Site Pull Tests

“Proof tests are called for (by BS8539) on a sample of anchors on ALL jobs except those where anchors with European Technical Approval/assessment (ETA) have been installed by trained operators working under supervision.”

Construction Fixings Association (CFA).

Pull tests on building services suspension system anchors are conducted to ensure that the anchors are capable of supporting the weight of the building services equipment that they are designed to hold in place. These tests are important because if the anchors fail, the equipment may come loose and fall, which could result in property damage, injuries, or even fatalities.
The pull tests involve applying a force to the anchor in the direction that it is designed to resist, and measuring the amount of force that the anchor can withstand before it fails. The results of the test are then compared to the design specifications for the anchor to determine whether it is suitable for use.
It is important to note that building codes and regulations typically require that pull tests be conducted on suspension system anchors as part of the building’s inspection and certification process. This helps to ensure that buildings are safe and meet the necessary safety standards.
To make sure Zip-Clip systems adhere to BS8539 standards, we are able to conduct on-site pull testing around Ireland. This service is offered on fixings and anchors that are designed to attach Zip-Clip systems to concrete and masonry. Our Team are able to provide proof tests which help to validate the quality of the installation and give you peace of mind. On completion of the site testing, Zip-Clip can then supply a test report.

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