Environmental impact: 1 truck vs 32 trucks | 200km | 22 tonnes.

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Let’s delve into the environmental impact of a convoy of 32 trucks, each weighing 22 tonnes, compared to a single 22-tonne truck over a 200-kilometer journey in Ireland.

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A 22-tonne truck, on average, consumes around 6-7 miles per gallon of diesel fuel, or roughly 2.5 – 3km per litre. Therefor, over a 200-kilometer journey, a lone 22-tonne truck might use approximately 66 – 80 litres of diesel fuel. Now, if we consider a fleet of 32 such trucks, the collective fuel consumption becomes significantly higher, potentially exceeding 2,112 – 2,560 litres of diesel fuel for the entire convoy.

Co2 emissions:

In terms of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, each litre of diesel burned produces around 2.64 kg of CO2. Therefore, the fleet of 32 trucks could result in a substantial increase in CO2 emissions compared to the single truck, emphasizing the environmental impact of larger truck convoys.

Pot holes on a motorway

Furthermore, the wear and tear on roads are influenced by the weight of the vehicles. A convoy of 32 trucks, each weighing 22 tonnes, would exert a considerably higher load on the road infrastructure compared to a single truck, leading to increased maintenance requirements and associated environmental costs.


These examples highlight the importance of adopting sustainable practices, including the use of fuel-efficient technologies, alternative energy sources, and optimizing logistics, to mitigate the environmental impact of heavy trucking in Ireland.

Figures based upon a 200km journey, at 22 tonnes, equating to the amount of threaded bar required to replicate the amount of cable that can fit into 1 container:

1 container of threaded bar = 45,000m

1 container of cable = 1,442,000m

32 containers of threaded bar = 1,440,000m

Co2 emissions:

1 truck over 200km = 174 – 211 kg of Co2

32 trucks over 200km = 5,568 – 6,752 kg of C02

Diesel costings:

1 truck – 200km – €104.80 @ €1.31 per ltr

32 trucks – 200km – €3,353.60 @ €1.31 per ltr

Total difference

Co2 Savings: 6541kg

Cost savings: €3248.80

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