What is a Cable Suspension System?

cable suspension system in place

Understanding Cable Suspension Systems

A cable suspension system represents a sophisticated solution for suspending building services, surpassing the conventional method of threaded bar in terms of efficiency, sustainability, and reliability. Here’s how it achieves these distinctions:


In the contemporary business landscape, concerns over inflation prompt organizations across sectors to seek cost-effective alternatives. Transitioning to a cable suspension system ensures several benefits:

  • Strength: Zip-clip cables boast a tensile strength of 1960 N/mm², significantly surpassing the 400 N/mm² of threaded bars.
  • Safe Working Loads (SWL): The system supports safe working loads ranging from 15kg up to 500kg.
  • CO2 Reduction: Our systems exhibit up to a 92% reduction in carbon emissions during manufacturing, further contributing to environmental sustainability. Additionally, the installation of these systems allows for enhanced natural light penetration.
  • Labor Efficiency: Installation is expedited, being five times faster compared to traditional threaded rod methods, thereby reducing overall installation costs.
  • Lean Construction: Cable lengths are tailored to specifications upon ordering, minimizing waste and optimizing resource utilization.


Rigorous testing and analysis, aligned with the Worldsteel life cycle inventory methodology report of 1999/2000, confirm a remarkable 92.6% reduction in carbon emissions.

Moreover, the system’s design minimizes the use of metal and auxiliary parts, leading to reduced emissions throughout the building’s lifecycle. Compact and efficient components facilitate easier handling and contribute to waste reduction.

Furthermore, the lightweight nature of the system translates to decreased fuel consumption during transportation, thereby alleviating strain on infrastructure and reducing carbon footprint.


Its impressive tensile strength, capacity to support substantial loads, and versatility across various applications underscore the reliability of the system.



Gomac.ie cordially invites you to explore our offerings further. We propose a meeting to delve into product details, certifications, fire testing results, and comprehensive cost comparisons between cable suspension systems and traditional threaded rods. Additionally, we offer product samples to showcase their functionality. For further inquiries or to schedule a meeting, please reach out to us via email at info@gomac.ie or by phone at 01 – 910 4125.

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